Every product out on the market today started as a dream idea in someone's head. From a mobile device to a software platform or a kitchen gadget, most items you can purchase came to life through the same process.

The road from concept to finished product can be a long one, and those who travel it often face numerous obstacles and setbacks. But armed with the right information and resources, you can put yourself on the path to bringing your invention to market.

What should you do with your great invention idea? Before you start blabbing about your invention to the wrong person or run to the first company that offers to buy it, there are a few steps you need to take.

Read here to know what you need to know to get started.

Can we help you?

Considering where you are in the product development process, we can help you with end to end development activities.

How we can help?

Based on what you need next, we can help you with series of technical tasks to make the project manufacturing-ready

How to start?

There are a few steps we suggest you to follow in order for a very smooth start of the project with us. 

Can we help you?

As the startup saying goes "Hardware is hard". With limited resources every startup has, you need to be very careful and make sure you don't waste any of your valuable resources and already done everything necessary before taking the next step. Read this article from our blog which goes through 7 things you should learn and consider when working on a hardware startup idea. There are some other very useful articles in our blog (like this one) we suggest you read to prepare yourself for the journey. 

We also developed a Road Map for a hardware or IoT product development process which shows you all the

steps you need to go through from start to finish. You can find out where you are in the process and what you have or haven't done.  We can help you from the beginning or any part of the development process (check our Road Map) to make a manufacturing-ready product. 

How we can help?
  • Aesthetic Concept Design

  • Industrial Design

  • CAD design

  • 2D/3D modelling

  • Detail Engineering

  • Firmware/PCB Design

  • Prototyping (concept, alpha, MVP)

  • Material Selection

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

  • Design for testing (DFT)

  • Test Development & Implementation: SPI, AOI, X-ray, Flying Probes, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT), Boundary Scan Test (BST), RF Test …

  • Production Setup/Preparation

  • Supplier Selection

  • ... 

How to start?

We extremely suggest that you do your market research and customer development before starting any hardware product development process. 

Check out our blog to read from numbers of valuable posts. Do your own search and study. Check our Road Map and find out about the steps you need to take and when you feel comfortable that you are ready then take the following steps. 

Your Steps:
Our Steps:


Contact us and let us know more about you and your project


Sign an NDA to protect your information


Use the "Product Readiness Form" to tell us more important information about your idea, business, goals and what you have done.


Book your Free consultation meeting to discuss your project and next steps. 



Gather all of your information, design brief and Product Readiness Form, sketches, drawing, CAD files etc.


Set up a team and discuss your project and provide feedback and comments


Provide project breakdown, deliverables, proposal/quote, time and cost for your review


Start the project after your approval and confirmation

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