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Product development

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

When designing a product, it’s critical to consider the cost. After all, each part will affect the overall cost of the product manufacturing process. To make the most of each part, you require an engineering company that prioritises design for manufacturability (DFM). CRINNAC does just that.

We minimise the differences between the art of designing and the act of manufacturing a product. Using the practice of DFM (Design For Manufacturing) and DFA (Design For Assembly), we develop products taking into account the limitations of manufacturing. Design your product so that it can prove its manufacturability and be assembled smoothly even before it reaches the manufacturing stage.


As one of the most significant parts of an engineering prototype in terms of manufacturability, design for manufacturing (DFM) is refining the design of plastic and metal parts for large-scale production. During the process of design for manufacturing and assembly, we develop parts, components, and products to ease manufacturing. By simplifying, optimising and improving product design for manufacturing, we can create a superior device or system at a lower cost.

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