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StartUp Fundamental Pack

StartUp Fundamental Resource Pack

Startups are the lifeblood of our economy and innovation across the globe. They create jobs, new products, dreams, and disruption. They are led by entrepreneurs who work hard to bring their ideas to life. 

There is a lot of information and resources out there but that also makes it difficult to find the right fundamental information every startup needs to know, learn and work on to be successful. 

In this pack, we have tried to gather some of the best information, resources, templates, books, videos, courses etc. that we think you will need in your journey.

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StartUp Pack

New Product Development Road Map

Imagine if you had a friend helping you through the process - thinking ahead for you, lining up what you need to do and telling you when to do it. Providing you with a map and a blueprint all at once. Marking the path and navigating the journey of making your vision a reality. 

  • Find out where you are in the development road map

  • Find out what you have done and what needs doing

  • Find out where you need a helping hand

CRINNAC Road Map has been developed especially for visionaries like you. We will be your guide, from the initial dream to the final launch.


There are no shortcuts. If you want to build a quality, viable, marketable product, you need to follow the correct steps and stick to the path, long as it might seem.

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We are committed to guiding your business all the way to the summit from the first step to the final push.

Road Map

1 hrs idea/technical consultation

You will have a one-hour meeting with our expert technical advisor to discuss your dream idea and your existing and future technical challenges. You can ask any question you might have and you will be explained about the product development process and all the pre-requisite activities you need to do. You can be introduced to a few of our partners or contacts to get more support in your journey. 


Idea Evaluator

  • Do you have an idea but not sure if it is a good one? 

  • Would you like to go through a simple process to find out if you're ready to start the product development journey?

  • Do you know the challenges and where you need more help?

This tool is a simple product or idea evaluator which provides an overall evaluation of your product/idea, the current stage of the development progress and further challenges. It could be quite accurate but it needs your correct, honest and realistic answers. 

Idea Evaluator
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