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We ensure your manufacturers become valuable partners and avoid the common pitfalls with choosing badly. 


Manufacturing your new product and launching it is paramount but finding the right manufacturers can be tricky.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves hitting a brick wall when it comes time to actually source and manufacture their products. Finding and working with a manufacturer that's right for your needs is crucial but before that, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure you are ready. 

There are big differences between design files and the documentation you need for prototyping and manufacturing. Properly created 2D/3D drawings and knowledge about manufacturing processes, tolerances and material specifications are just some of the important details you need find the best manufacturer. You also need to know your right manufacturing solution before finding and approaching any manufacturer. Keep in mind every manufacturer is going to provide you with the solution they "can" provide, not necessarily the solution which is the "best" for you. 

Manufacturing locally or overseas is another important decision you need to make. There are pros and cons to either of these which needs to be clearly studied for your specific product and market. After knowing all this information then you need to find a manufacturer with the "right" quality, price range, compliance, process and customer services to give you peace of mind so you can focus on your market and your happy customers.

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