We combine strategy, creativity & engineering to solve real-world problems and creating products people love and IP you can own.

CRINNAC is a dynamic and global team of best-in-class designers, developers and engineers experienced and highly-skilled professionals across a diverse range of industries. 

We started our work back in 2016 with the brand name of DREAM LAUNCH and the mission of helping early-stage startup and inventors in the world to bring their ideas to life. Our core team have a combined 50+ years of experience in product development, engineering, manufacturing processes, business and marketing.


The company restructured later in 2020 to provide more services to later-stage startups and established companies and rebranded as CRINNAC. 

Work with CRINNAC

Why work with CRINNAC?


We love what we do.
We do every step of your project with a full sense of ownership.


Our unique business model enables us to offer anything you need at a very affordable price.

We do not charge you for our overhead costs.


CRINNAC is empowered by a highly experienced and skilled team who are passionate about helping you. 


We always start with the big picture.

We make it happen fast. 

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