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Market-ready design and implementation

IoT - Internet of things

CRINNAC brings you innovative, high-grade application development services tailored to help solve real-world problems.


We offer end-to-end application development services for creators and visionaries at every stage of your project’s journey. We provide both hardware and software support, including integration of software and hardware technologies for optimum performance.

Bringing our extensive experience and knowledge of hardware design and development, CRINNAC is joining forces with software expert Aerion Technologies to offer you a comprehensive Internet of things (IoT) service. We can design and develop every aspect of your new product creation, including hardware configuration, firmware, software, app and cloud backend for your IoT product.


 From low-cost consumer IoT applications to mission-critical applications, our team at CRINNAC/Aerion Technologies has the skill and expertise to bring your vision to life, hitting every design specification you desire. 

We offer a bespoke turnkey development service for the creation of customised IoT cloud applications, guiding a project from an idea through to a fully supported solution. 


You can trust us with your business. Whether we join the journey at the starting blocks, midway through or metres from the finish line, we are all in on you and your vision from the moment we start working together.