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Image by Alexandre Debiève

Electronics Engineering

Custom electronic design is a significant part of engineering services provided by CRINNAC. Our team could be your experienced and effective electronic design consultant.

Our engineers develop PCBs with communication modules, power electronics and battery management systems, industrial automation, and build internet of things networks. We work with main IoT cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, and more.

Electronic product design services are a part of our holistic approach to new product development. At CRINNAC, our team focuses on the global goal, but not on the narrow task. Use cases and maintenance processes, components sourcing, overheating and complying standards are the focus.

Our electronic design services include custom PCB design, POC development, testing particular units or features, manufacturing of the final PCB, and uploading firmware. As a result, we get a fully functional electronic module or internet of things device and a set of documents for mass production.

Ask us about
  • PCB Design

  • Firmware Development

  • POC Development

  • Design for testing (DFT)

  • Test Development & Implementation: SPI, AOI, X-ray

  • Flying Probes

  • In-Circuit Test (ICT)

  • Functional Test (FCT)

  • Boundary Scan Test (BST)

  • RF Test