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Electronics Engineering

Electronics design is a highly specialised field that continues to evolve with each passing day. CRINNAC – with the help of its vastly experienced and dedicated staff – provides state-of-the-art electronics engineering services. We make the best of the available resources to deliver high-end solutions for our clients – be it turnkey production or circuit development. 

Some of the areas we cover with our electronics engineering services are: 

  • PCB Design with communication modules

  • Designing Embedded Systems and Firmware

  • Sensor-Controlled Systems 

  • BoM Scrubbing

  • POC Development

As a highly reckoned electronics design house, we aim to deliver solutions to fulfil your requirements in the best way possible. Our team has worked on some of the most complex projects and is capable of delivering quality solutions regardless of the scale of production.


Discuss your requirements with us and get a complete idea of our process in detail. 

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Ask us about
  • PCB Design

  • Firmware Development

  • POC Development

  • Design for testing (DFT)

  • Test Development & Implementation: SPI, AOI, X-ray

  • Flying Probes

  • In-Circuit Test (ICT)

  • Functional Test (FCT)

  • Boundary Scan Test (BST)

  • RF Test

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