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New Product Design and Development

Bring your product idea to manufacturing life

Whether it’s a drone, an IoT device or a simple kitchen gadget, all the products you purchase came to life through the same process.


So, if you have an innovative idea or vision and you feel compelled and 110% committed to bringing it to life by creating a product, CRINNAC is here to help you from the very early ideation stage to commercialisation.

Product Development Process

CRINNAC also specialises in transforming your design or prototype into a manufacturable product.


We help you set up your manufacturing locally or overseas and manage your supply chain. 

Our clients may be an international company, a local innovative established business, a startup or individual inventors. 

We share plenty of useful posts on our blog that will help prepare you for your journey skywards. We’ve also developed a Road Map for our hardware and IoT product development process that outlines each step in detail. Remember, we are not just designers. We are engineers who excel in the latter stages of product development, particularly production and supply chain

We will be by your side throughout the whole process.
Per aspera, ad astra.

  • Aesthetic Concept Design

  • Product Design

  • CAD design

  • 2D/3D modelling

  • Detail Engineering

  • Firmware/PCB Design

  • Prototyping (concept, alpha, MVP)

  • Material Selection

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

  • Product Packaging Design

  • Design for testing (DFT)

  • Test Development & Implementation: SPI, AOI, X-ray, Flying Probes, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT), Boundary Scan Test (BST), RF Test …

  • Production Setup/Preparation

  • Supplier Selection

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Our Capabilities

Product Development Process

​Imagine if you had a friend helping you through the process - thinking ahead for you, lining up what you need to do and telling you when to do it. Marking the path and navigating the journey of making your vision a reality. 

Contact us to find out how. 

CRINNAC_Concept design

Product Design - Concept

Here’s when we lay the groundwork for your product design. Aesthetics are important but functionality should always take priority, so we’ll design and develop your idea into a product that your customers will love.

Our designers will collaborate with you, brainstorming to generate new ideas and concepts in order to bring your dream idea to life.

Once the concept model has been completed, you’re onto the really exciting part - showing everyone what it looks like and how it works!

Concept Design
CRINNAC_Detail engineering

Detail Engineering

Now we move on to the specifics of the 3D model/concept, finalising all of the materials and dimensions and understanding all of the physical elements needed to create a prototype.

Our designers will draw on their vast knowledge and experience as they continuously revise and refine the plans in order to create the most practical and effective result.

Your idea is now taking tangible shape.

Detail Engineering


Our team will assess your concept idea and product design and establish the best process, functionality and materials to use for making your prototype; this information will then shape the optimal ‘rapid prototyping’ methods required to create your product.

Considering where you're in your journey and your market requirement, we will make a concept, Alpha or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) prototype for you. 

We use all rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing methods to make the prototype you need. Those methods include but are not limited to 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Injection Moulding, CNC Machining, PCB and FPC boards, metal casting, coating etc.


Design for Manufacturing (DFM, DFT)

DFM is an engineering practice that designs products in such a way that they are easy and cost-effective to manufacture.

This requires a lot of experience and expertise in order to anticipate challenges ahead of time so you can prepare for them in the manufacturing phase and also know how to communicate with manufacturing companies and setup processes including quality control.

Our team has a wealth of experience in this area as well as strong connections to manufacturing companies, which is invaluable in the next stage of the development journey.

CRINNAC_Supply Chain

Manufacturing Setup & Supply Chain

CRINNAC has the ability to produce exactly what you want, effectively and efficiently.

Our engineering and manufacturing expertise and global reach will ensure that all of your customers receive only products of the highest quality.

We’re not a sourcing company - we supervise every process in the manufacturing, quality control and supply journey, giving you peace of mind alongside fantastic products.

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