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What did people say about us?


Mike McHugh, YuMe

We are a New Zealand based business which started in 2017 that manufactures products through company personnel overseas. 

They compiled a product specifications report for us and also provided us with excellent consulting to the insights and technical aspects of the product materials we are using. 

We truly found them to be very knowledgeable and experienced in the industrial field of plastics, product raw materials and product design. They were very good to deal with and we really appreciated their integrity in working with us.

Antonio Villarama.tiff

Antonio Villarama

I approached 13 companies in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne, 11 in the U.S.A., 2 in China and 1 in Switzerland.

CRINNAC (Dream Launch) wasn't the biggest but the right company for me.
I’m really happy to collaborate with you. Your professionalism, Technical Know-How, Experience, Expertise and most importantly paying attention and listening to your customers is great.

gay santiago.jpg

Gay Santiago

From the beginning, I felt that the team was working to get me the outcomes that I wanted, and were very responsive and helpful. They have been upfront and straight with me about some design issues and things they think need to be improved or which are difficult or expensive to do the way I designed them - I have really valued the feedback and the discussions around design.

I engaged them precisely because I wanted engineers to be involved in getting the product design and manufacturing right.

I am happy with the work they have done for me. 

Amir faraji.jpg

Amir Faraji - Muggino

When it comes to "new product design & development" there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but CRINNAC (Dream Launch) helps you make it happen. Their engineers are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They understand your requirements and make all the necessary changes till you get a marketable product.


They have enabled me to bring Muggino - the world's first self-powered smart mug - to life. They came up with some innovative solutions given limited information. They are great to work with and I'll definitely be working with them again on my future projects.


Stephanie Letang

I contacted CRINNAC (Dream Launch) to help me develop an idea that I had.


When I spoke to them, I had a very basic homemade prototype that needed lots of work and thought. They straight away showed an excellent sense of detail and really looked at the idea under all different points of view to give me the best perspective on how to take it further.


The team always cared about my input and always made sure to match as best as they could the vision that I had. I am very happy with the result of all the research and the work that has been delivered.

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