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  • Is my idea worth pursuing?
    No one else other than you can really answer this question. There are methods that can help you evaluate you idea, business and the market but eventually you need to do "Market Research", "Customer Development", "Business Analysis" and take a leap of fate. We can help you with some of these processes so contact us if you're interested in any help.
  • What is product design and development?
    Product design and development is the process of creating a new product or improving an existing product to solve customers' problems and provide new solutions to the market. It involves researching and benchmarking the current market, designing and developing a product until the final product launch. CRINNAC is a product design company in Melbourne that excels in its services for innovators and entrepreneurs by designing new products that are aesthetically pleasing and elegantly meet your customer's needs.
  • What makes a good product design?
    A good design should have the following characteristics: Innovative Useful Aesthetic Understandable Unobtrusive Honest Long-lasting Thorough down to the last detail Good design emphasises the usefulness of a product while disregarding anything that could possibly detract from it. It must be both innovative and practical, doing something new and different while being useful to the average customer.
  • Why is product design important, and what are the different approaches taken?
    Product design is the process of creating solutions that meet the needs and preferences of customers. It is important because it affects how customers perceive and interact with a product and how it performs and competes in the market. Different approaches to product design include user-centred design, which focuses on understanding and satisfying the users' goals and pain points; design thinking, which emphasises empathy, creativity, and experimentation; and agile design, which involves iterative and collaborative development cycles that respond to changing requirements and feedback.
  • What are the stages of product development?
    Product design is only a part of the product development cycle, including idea evolution and development, building a proof of concept, business development, product design and prototyping, MVP development, pilot production, market response and mass production. Check our product design and development RoadMap for more information and detailed steps.
  • How do I protect my idea
    You can file for patents, trademarks, and copyrights. If you have something propriety about your company, you should consider filing for a patent to temporarily protect your business in its infancy to get it up and running. You should consult with patenting companies to find out if you idea is patentable or if there is no other patent similar to your ideas. Keep in mind not all ideas can be patented or even worth patenting. Also read below articles from our Blog: Dangerous Mistakes that could Kill your Hardware Startups How to Select a Lawyer for Your Startup Are you a dreamer? Are you an inventor? Get Your Product to Market in Six Steps
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