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3D Manufacturing Printer


Prototyping is the fastest and cheapest method of checking and validating the product design before moving to the final development and manufacturing. 

Clients turn to us to design ergonomic products with an appearance that evokes positive emotions for the user. Prototypes provide more information about how the product interacts with the outside world than renders or 3D models. Prototypes either confirm or deny technical solutions and hypotheses of designers and engineers. Using mass production methods for the first prototype can bankrupt a project because of the high costs of any adjustments.

Our team is highly experienced in working with prototypes. Besides additive manufacturing, vacuum forming, and silicone moulding, we use CNC machining or low-volume injection moulding. These manufacturing processes can not be attributed to the classic rapid prototyping technologies. Nevertheless, they still give the desired result quickly and are more cost-effective than developing full-fledged injection moulds.

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