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Product Prototyping 

CRINNAC provides product prototyping services to bring life to your ideas before moving to the final development and manufacturing. Prototypes provide more information about how the product interacts with the outside world than renders or 3D models. Prototypes either confirm or deny technical solutions and hypotheses of designers and engineers. Using mass production methods for the first prototype can bankrupt a project because of the high costs of any adjustments. Get investors and clients on your side with reduced risks and reasonable costs. CRINNAC provides you with prototypes that can be used for examination or analysis. 

CRINNAC specialises in alpha prototyping to test your concept idea and initial design using rapid prototyping methods and additive manufacturing. Besides 3D printing, vacuum forming, and silicone moulding, we use CNC machining or low-volume injection moulding. These manufacturing processes cannot be attributed to the classic rapid prototyping technologies. Nevertheless, they still give the desired result quickly and are more cost-effective than developing full-fledged injection moulds.

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We also specialise in developing and making your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) prototype. MVP prototyping helps you get the minimum version of your final product at the lowest cost and quickest time ready to present to your investors, partners or early adopters. That helps get quicker customer feedback to improve your product to prepare better versions and variants. CRINNAC’s prototyping solutions help you in comparative performance analysis. 

Benefits of Our Product Prototyping Services

CRINNAC’s product prototyping services help you stay ahead of your competitors – thanks to our various benefits. Here are some of the advantages you enjoy while getting our services: 

  • Elimination of Flaws at an Early Stage: With expert concept prototyping, CRINNAC’s team helps you identify any design flaws early in the process to develop expert, winning products. 

  • Estimating Costs and Inventory: Our solutions help you understand future material requirements and production costs. 

  • Optimise your Design: Our product prototyping solutions help refine your products’ materials and design for optimum performance. 

  • Test your Product’s Functionality: Get the most cost-effective MVP prototyping solutions to test your product’s functionality and get an idea about its projected performance and early customers’ feedback. 

  • Market your Products and Company in a Better Way: With advanced prototypes, getting clients and customers on your side is always easier. 

Contact us today to get a free quote for your product prototype. 

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