New Product Design and Development

  • Do you have a new and disruptive product idea but are unsure what to do to bring it to life? 

  • Do you need an experienced team to help with product development and design?

  • Want to make a prototype or proof of concept?

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If you need: 

  • Product design

  • Prototyping

  • Choosing the right raw materials

  • Get product certification or compliance testing

  • Design for manufacturing
    (DFM, DFT)


If you need: 

  • Supplier selection & evaluation

  • Supplier auditing and quality management

  • Production set up/preparation

  • Production transfer

  • Supply management

Engineering support

If you need: 

  • CAD design/modeling

  • Simulation/analysis

  • R&D

  • Product/process improvement

  • Engineering process development and implementation

  • Troubleshooting & consultation


Creation. Innovation. Acceleration.

The three tenets of our business.


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