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New Product Design and Development

Bring your idea to life

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Have an idea but don't know what to do next?

  • Do you have a new and disruptive product idea but are unsure what to do to bring it to life? 

  • Do you need an experienced team to help with product development and design?

  • Want to make a prototype or proof of concept?

Contact us for: 

  • Product design

  • Prototyping

  • Choosing the right raw materials

  • Get product certification or compliance testing

  • Design for manufacturing (DFM, DFT)


Need help with manufacturing and sourcing your product?

  • Are you finding it hard to find the right manufacturer?

  • Are you worried about the quality and compliance of your sourced products?

  • Not familiar with manufacturing processes and raw material selection?

Contact us for:

  • Supplier selection & evaluation

  • Supplier auditing and quality management

  • Production set up/preparation

  • Production transfer

  • Supply management

Engineering support

Need extra help from an experienced team?

  • Are you also dealing with the shortage of technical workforce?

  • Do you need to decrease your technical & operational costs? 

  • Do you have a project which is outside your core team focus? 

Contact us for: 

  • Design, modelling and Engineering

  • Simulation/analysis

  • Automation and Industry 4.0

  • Product/process improvement

  • Engineering process development 

  • Troubleshooting & consultation

Guided End to End Support

Product development can be hard, expensive and can be quite overwhelming. 


Never do it alone. 

We are here to help you from start to end. 

Featured Clients

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